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DIY: Ideas for self-made gift wrappings

Ho Ho Ho!

December is finally here and bit by bit we’re getting closer to the holidays.

Since presents are an essential part of Christmas, we decided to get creative and came up with some easy & fun gift wrapping ideas that will make your presents stand out


1. Mini Polaroid Prints as gift tags

Instead of just writing a name on a gift tag, why not use an actual picture? Our Mini Polaroid prints are perfect as gift tags and give a personal touch to your presents.



2. Photo Hanger

Turning a simple gift wrap into a present filled with special memories. With only a piece of cord and some clips you can hang pictures of your favorite moments with your loved ones. The photos are also a cute extra present.

3. Gift pockets

A present filled with little surprises. Fold the wrapping paper in half and then fold back the top layer partially to create a pocket to hide little surprises. You can add as many pockets as you want and with different depths. A cute idea is to decorate it with photostrips, gift tags, dry leaves and twigs.


We hope you liked our ideas and wish you a lot of fun with your gift wrapping! 


P.S.: If you are looking for personalized photo gifts, have a look at our photo products which you can design with your own pictures. 

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