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Easy pumpkin carving tutorial for Halloween

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers ‘tis near Halloween!   

The spookiest night of the year is right around the corner, and we couldn’t pass by this date without celebrating it properly. Pumpkin carving is a traditional part of the season of screams and scares. It is a fun DIY you can do with friends or family to get into the Halloween spirit. We prepared two last-minute pumpkin carving ideas to inspire you guys.


To start off, you’ll need:

• Large pumpkin

• Sharp knife 

• Marker

• Large spoon

• Tea light 


The first step is to cut a lid. You can draw a circle on the top of the pumpkin and cut off it’s crown. The lid doesn’t have to be too large, just big enough to scoop out the filling with a large spoon. After removing all seeds and fibers off the pumpkin, you can use a marker to draw the design you want. Use the knife to carefully carve the pumpkin following pattern you’ve drawn. The last step is to place a candle in the inside of the pumpkin and replace the lid. If you prefer, you can also use LED light instead of candles. 


For our second inspo, we decided to use the stem as the nose for a creepier design. The steps are basically the same as above, but the lid was cut off the bottom of the pumpkin. You can also cut off a base for the pumpkin to stabilize it a little more and prevent it from rolling over. 



And all done! Now you can display your pumpkins and prepare for the trick or treating. 


Happy Halloween!



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