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Select the photo product you would like to make from the shop and then click on “Select my Photos” in the description of the article.



Now you can choose the photos you want to design your photo product with directly from your file folders on your device. Afterwards they will be uploaded. ATTENTION: You can only upload pictures in the file formats .jpg and .png. And for a good print quality, we recommend using images with a resolution of at least 1600 x 1270 pixels at 300 dpi.


3_Reinziehen_enAfter uploading, your photo product will open in the photo editor and the already selected photos are placed automatically. If you want to add more photos later, you will find a "Upload Photos" button in the editor. For products without a fixed number of images, you can simply add more photos and they will be automatically placed again. For products with a fixed image count, such as Calendars and Photobooks, the new photos land in your library and you can drag and drop them from there into the free placeholders of the photo product template. To exchange an already placed image, you can simply drag a new one from the library.


4_Bearbeiten_enTo further edit a photo in your photo product template, just click on it. The photo then opens in the detail view, where you can turn it over the buttons below. The image section can also be adjusted using the zoom bar below the image. For some products you can optionally also add text to your pictures. (ATTENTION: Please do not use any emojis / icons / special characters in the text, as they can not be processed in print and thus may not be displayed correctly on the delivered product.) 


When you have finished designing your photo product, make sure to check again before ordering if your pictures are correctly positioned and if all the cropped images and texts fit..



Does everything fit? In that case you can now order your photo product. Simply put it in your shopping cart and go to orders. Of course you can also add further photo products or matching decorative items from our shop. From your shopping cart, you will then be led through the order process in the shop. 


7_Erhalten_enIf you have successfully ordered your photo product, you will receive an order confirmation from us by email shortly after submitting your order. Your photo product will then make its way to the printer and subsequently it will be delivered to your home by DHL Parcel, nicely packaged.


We hope your individual photo product will give you a lot of pleasure! 

If you have any further questions, please use our contact form to approach our customer service, or look at the information pages on payment, despatch and returns which are linked at the very bottom of our page.